On the way towards a world without coins

It is said that the main driving force behind progress in humanity is laziness. We, the founders of Monea, can confirm that this is true.
The impulse for Monea occurred after our group of friends regularly had lunch at the Cydonia restaurant. Over meals and beer, we often discussed technological innovations and the fact that apps, gadgets and other miracles make our everyday lives simpler and more convenient.

Then, however, a little dark cloud appeared on the horizon when it was time to pay the bill at the end of the lunch, always turning into a little fuss. One person wanted to pay with a credit card, someone else was short of cash, and thought of using the Internet Bank was not very convenient. The laziest and most forgetful friends always became a bit wealthier.

Then came the moment when those who properly paid for their meals issued an ultimatum – either we come up with a modern settlement solution, or we no longer have lunch together. Only a true misanthrope will refuse to take part in a meal with good friends, and we started work on Monea.
Basic elements
Quick and easy
Just in a few minutes
Also interbank transactions
The 21st century
A progressive solution
Our team

Mārtiņš Kalniņš
The magical operator
Mārtiņš merges teamwork with purposeful movement toward a perfect result. He is a 128 bit processor that never forgets any part of the work that must be done. He is a rational analyst who can unmask any foolishness. If Mārtiņš ran Nokia, then Microsoft would be manufacturing rubber galoshes. He turns up at work every morning with an improvement that occurred to him the previous evening or in a dream – one that helps to improve the Monea app even further.

Ģirts Kalniņš
The tempo maintainer
Consolidated teams always reach the finish line together. If it is necessary to run faster, Ģirts will not forget to motivate others. During boring meetings he meditates so that he can explode during important moments. He inspires those who are sad and chastises those who are lazy. Ģirts is a businessman who believes in communications as a good pillar for business. He could even sell Monea services to fairies and fauns.

Gatis Kokins
The brainstormer
Sometimes it seems easier to fly than to stay on the ground, but Gatis is prepared to pave a runway, knowing the Bernulli principle about a specific lift-off speed. He always defines strategic goals that are basically unachievable, asking his team to push the envelope each and every time. Gatis has defined the date upon which coins will no longer be necessary in the world.

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