Personal data protection

In effect from 25.05.2018.

To enable further use of Monea application in accordance with EU Regulation No.2016/679 and to the extent necessary for the provision of a payment service, we inform you that SIA "Monetizator" ( collects and processes following personal data:

  • Name, surname;

  • Personal code;

  • Phone number;

  • E-mail address (if the client chooses);

  • Bank account number and payment card data;

  • Monea payment flow;

  • Photos included in app (incl. profile photo);

  • On separate occasions – information about family members (for example, relationship with politically exposed person, etc.);

Children’s (until the age of 16) use of the service is permitted only with the consent of the parents.

I am aware that I am entitled to receive all information about my processed data from SIA "Monetizator", as well as request to delete them. This consent is subject to revocation at any time.

Monea personal data processing is registered in the State Data Inspectorate (record no.003784). 


Personal data processing policy

Monea will always observe your right to the legal processing and protection of your personal data, and we always remember laws concerning the processing of physical data.  The purpose of this personal data processing policy (hereinafter – the Policy) is to provide you with information about how Monea handles your personal data when providing services – information that we provide in accordance with the law.


The personal data protection policy is updated from time to time, so we recommend that you take a look at it from time to time, as well.


Monea services involve personal data that are handled by SIA Monetizator, Reg. No. 40103744993, address Blaumaņa Street 5a-10, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvia.  SIA Monetizator registers your personal data handling with the State Data Inspectorate, which has entered Record No. 003784 in its personal data processing register (


1. Ways of obtaining and correlating personal data

1.1. Monea may use your name, surname, personal code, mobile phone number; e-mail address, Twitter user name, IBAN bank account number, bank card number, CVC code and expiration date, contact list available on your mobile phone, data related to your payments to third parties (your service providers), whos invoices you pay using Monea (your invoice numbers, client numbers allocated to you by third parties, your agreement numbers your service providers, information on payment amounts to third parties), information provided by you in optional payment description field.  Bank card data (bank card number, CVC code and expiration date) is requested by Monea to ensure the payment services, but it never stores such data.

1.2. This policy is meant to inform you that Monea can obtain your personal data in the following ways:

  1. When correlating data that you provide in filling out forms and information fields on the Monea application;
  2. When correlating information that you provide to our employees by phone, E-mail or face-to-face;
  3. When correlating data that have been received from banks and/or bank card processing operators for identification purposes;
  4. When correlating data received from third parties (your service providers) in relation to payments you make to aforementioned service providers by using Monea.


2. The legal foundation and goal of data processing 

2.1. The legal foundation for handling your personal data in accordance with Article 2.2. of the Policy is Article 7.1 of the law on the protection of the physical data of individuals – your consent has been received, and Article 7.2 of the law on the protection of the physical data of individuals – data processing is based on your contractual obligations and is necessary to conclude a payment service agreement with Monea, also handling relevant obligations in the provision of payment services, and for purpose mentioned in Articles 2.2.(2) – also Article 7.3 – data processing is necessary to comply with data processor’s obligations under law.

2.2. Your personal data are registered electronically and can be used for the following purposes: 

  1. To identify you in the area of contractual obligations and to ensure the implementation of the obligations;
  2. To identify and prevent any fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities;
  3. To contact you to inform you about changes, etc.;
  4. To ensure and improve the quality of our services;
  5. To ensure opportunity to third parties, whose invoices you pay using Monea, to identify your payments and to contact you with respect to such paymenst.


3. Processing, transfer and deletion of personal data 

3.1. We reveal personal data to our linked companies and partners – those that are involved in the provision of Monea services.  This includes lending institutions that provide payment services, bank card processing operators, as well as IT service providers. 

3.2. For the purpose mentioned in Article 2.2.(5) of the Policy we can transfer the following data to third parties, who are your service providers, whose invoices you pay using Monea: 

3.2.1. your name and surname; 

3.2.2. your personal code;

3.2.3. your mobile phone number;

3.2.4. your IBAN bank account number;

3.2.5. information provided by you in optional payment description fields. 


3.2. Information is disclosed to another third parties only in response to a lawful request.

3.3.  If your information has changed when a Monea service agreement is being concluded or during the contractual period, or if you have found that your personal data are imprecise, please let us know, and we will change any data that is necessary.

3.4.  At your request, we will delete your data from the databases of our contractual third parties if the data are no longer necessary for the initial goal – the implementation of our contractual and legal rights.


4. Data storage

4.1.  Information that you provide to us is stored on secure servers.  Data are always encoded for purposes of security.

4.2.  Online transfer of data is never totally safe.  We cannot guarantee full protection and security for your data, but we do everything possible to protect electronic information that is sent to us.  You are responsible for the electronic transfer of any data.  Monea services require a password that you will set up during the registration process.  You are responsible to ensure the security and confidentiality of your password. Monea has no access to information on your password.


5. Availability of information 

The law on the protection of the personal data of individuals obliges us to inform you about the data that are available to us, as well as about individuals or legal entities that have requested and received information about you during a specific period of time, apart from exceptions that are defined by law.  You have the right to free access to the information, but no more than twice a year.  When you ask for the information more than twice a year, we will charge you a fee to cover the cost of providing the information.  Please request information by writing to, or by calling 2767-9708.


6. Links to the Websites of third parties

The Monea application may include links to third-party Websites.  They have their own usage and personal data protection rules to which you agree and about which you are informed when visiting the relevant Website.  We are not responsible for and take no responsibility for third-party Websites.  Because we cannot control the content of such Websites, our responsibility only applies to our own Website.


7. Commercial announcements

When downloading the Monea application and providing us with your personal data and contact information, you agree to receive commercial announcements from us unless you have specifically asked not to receive them.  You can reject future commercial announcements by so denoting on your user profile on our Website.  Each commercial announcement includes the opportunity to reject future announcements by clicking on the relevant link at the end of the relevant announcement (E-mail).


Any questions, requests or comments about the personal data protection policy can be submitted to us by writing to, or by calling 2767-9708.


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